BeOnPop allows people and brands to compare and improve their performance on social networks.

BeOnPop has created the POP Score, a metric that allows people and brands to compare and improve their performance on social networks*.

We provide detailed information about your activities on social networks over the past 30 days. Through graphics, you'll be able to find out your level of influence and engagement using our POP Score in a quick and easy way.

* BeOnPop is currently performing this calculation for Facebook users and pages only. We will soon be announcing new connections.


BeOnPop analyzes your presence on social networks through interactions you receive from your followers / friends. You will learn who interacts the most with you, who has the highest performance and most influential.


Find out about the performance of each one of your posts, understanding which topics present greater impact. Then, prepare your next posting for an even greater engagement.


Find out how many and which friends you have reached with your posts and how each friend has interacted with you. Check them out according to their POP Score, influence and online interaction. You can even challenge them to improve their score!

Social Score

Your performance on social networks is measured in POPs. This score takes into account the quality and not only the number of interactions. We analyse the potential your friends have to generate engagement and influence others.


All your posts will also receive a POP Score. You can search for words or hashtags used and find out what is driving more engagement. View all the comments and likes received in each post.

Circle of influence

We measure your actual reach on social networks showing how many people effectively interact with you. These are the people whom you have influence over. Follow your influence over time, you will be surprised at the results


BeOnPop determines a level for each Facebook user and page. The level can be Active, Social, Influential or Relevant. Your level indicates your strength with your followers’ network.


Hashtags are a great way to sort your publications by subject, making it easier to find out what matters the most to different groups of friends. BeOnPop has a list of hashtags used to organize and filter your posts.


Discover who are the friends that interacted with you in the last 30 days and see how many POPs each one of them generated. Find out who are the most active people on your network while expanding relationships.


  • Since using BeOnPop, a lot more people are following me and engaging with my posts. My reach has increased sevenfold and I have 30% more friends.

    Claudio Paiva, BeOnPop User

  • In only 3 months, I’ve practically doubled my POP score by learning which of my posts are most relevant to my network.

    Berenice Pasin Tomazini, BeOnPop User

  • BeOnPop opened my eyes to how many people I reach with my posts and how much I seem to influence others.

    Fernando Luiz Pereira, BeOnPop User

About us


Comparison is a natural feature of the human being and it was through this vision that BeOnPop was born. Observing the interaction of people in social networks, we realized that there was an opportunity to create a consistent metric that would allow the user to understand his / her role in this context, allowing comparison with their friends / followers.

Believing in the potential of this idea we launched BeOnPop in 2013 adding to the project our expertise in product creation, cloud computing, information security and digital marketing

We present users with a simple tool that provides data that were previously available only to large companies. By helping to increase your performance and relationships on social networks, BeOnPop intends to bring people and brands together, offering benefits for everyone.

Today we are a global team with a global thinking. Our team is located in Brazil and in Silicon Valley and our 2 million users are spread in over 100 countries. With a monthly growth rate of 30%, 30,000 people share their Pop Score on social networks every month.

Even in an increasingly complex digital world, we continue to believe in the power of simple ideas.

    Alexandre Stumpf


    Fernando Tessari


    Cleber Rodrigues


    Natascha Thomson


For brands

BeOnPop delivers a complete analytics tool about your social performance, your audience and your content on social networks. Any small change in your social media strategy can be noticed in real time with our granular performance score.

Curious about how you stack up against your competitors? Compare your brand to others, find out who your brand advocates and influencers are, measure the performance of your posts, improve your brand’s performance and your followers’ engagement.

BeOnPop word-of-mouth campaigns provide your audience a good reason to talk about you. Campaigns are easy and quick to start with an intuitive user interface and analytics. BeOnPop campaigns are available to brands, celebrities, politicians and organizations which hold public Facebook pages.

If you have any questions about our plans and how to start using BeOnPop for your Brand, please contact us. A member of our team will be in touch to assist you.

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